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DCID was founded with the mission of helping our clients create space for their wellbeing, comfort and harmony. We see each of our customers with new eyes and a unique way of solving their problems and needs.

Our endeavor is to design spaces for wellbeing through holistic design. We strive to create spaces that suits the individual person or family in every detail by taking all the aspects of who they are, what they like and how they will use the space in consideration right from the start. Then by applying a holistic interior design approach to the space, we aim to create harmony and wellbeing for the people that are going to spend time in these environments. Through continuous communication and collaboration with our clients we together create spaces to thrive in.

Our core values are responsibility, creativity, and passion. They reflect expectations of how we handle our daily tasks and who we are.


Dare, Advance, Deliver


Explore, Create, Innovate


Engage, Inspire, Have fun

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Digital or On Site

It's easy to start working with us. Just call or send us an email to book a free consultation. We can visit you on site or meet online. During the meeting we will discuss your expectations, personal style and preferences, your budget and schedule.
No customer needs are the same as the other, so we make a customized quote according to your needs and wishes. After accepted quotation we start the work!



We create an image composition with the style and colors that we would like to use. The mood board conveys the feeling that we would like to achieve and will serve as an inspiration source during the design phase.
Before starting the next phase, we agree on the mood boards and the feeling that they convey.



We start the design and create your floor plans and product boards. We continuously ask for your feedback during the work so you can be sure that we are on the right path and that we have understood you correctly.
You will get a summary of the entire proposal, including floor plans, product boards, fabrics, color samples, detailed product list, estimated cost and schedule for the work to be carried out.


Project Management

After agreed and approved design, we start the implementation phase and handle everything from construction work, purchasing, logistics and furnishing. So, you can sit back and enjoy the Big Day when you walk into a fully designed and furnished home.


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