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My name is Christian Dubberöd, and I am financial manager at DCID.


When I was young, I figured that it was either as a lawyer or something within finance that was my future career. I quickly discovered that I had a knack for calculations and remembering numbers and quick thinking, but not so much a big fan of meticulous reading and remember law texts… Fast forward ten or so years I started my studies in Economics at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg and I haven‘t regretted that choice since!



I find it enjoyable to start in an environment where there truly is work to be done. I do not believe I add especially much in a stable and saturated organization where everything runs like Swiss clockwork. On the flip side, when there is uncertainty, a lot of questions flying around, less and less patience with the current state of reporting packages et cetera, now this, this is my court! I feel most inspired when my knowledge and skills as a financial consultant can create tangible structural capital for companies, and perhaps most important, aligning the Finance team in a more organized and efficient manner to ensure the improvements remain after my departure.



Being able to sift through heaps of data and methodically structure both processes and systems from disorder to order, in a way that makes sense in a crisp manner. I have a knack for turning numbers in the background to understandable visuals for decision making time!

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