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My name is Sabina Dubberöd, I help people achieve harmony and quality of life in their spaces. I am a product and interior designer and I run DCID's design division.


When I was a little girl, I was always impressed by beautiful places. It could be a nice house, room or garden that somehow left me with a certain kind of feeling. I loved visiting old castles and mansions where it smelled lovely, and the environment was special. These childhood memories are something that has shaped me even today.

I started my career as an engineer and knew I wanted to have a creative job. My passion has always been to create and solve problems. After university, I ended up in the industry where I went from being an engineer and designing industrial products to being a project manager and manager for over 15 years. But in the end, I chose to follow my heart and my passion, I graduated in interior design and started my business. Now I get to work with what I really love - creating beautiful environments with my customers.



Design and art are about emotions. It's about the artist helping us to feel. The same applies to beautiful environments and objects. They tell a story that is beyond words. They awaken emotions and affect us in different ways depending on our experiences and life situation. What I'm passionate about is helping people with environments that are right for them. For example, we become more creative in an environment with warmer colors and more efficient if we have plants in our environment. The list is long with how our surroundings can affect us and our lives. And that's what I'm passionate about - to see my customers happy and amazing!



Ever since I began my career as an engineer and product designer, I have had the ability to see the holistic view of a project and pave the way to get there. I always start by visualizing the end goal and then I break it down into smaller sub goals to succeed with the project. Project management has also taught me a lot about leadership over the years and I know the value of what my team can deliver under good leadership. So, you can say that my "Superpower" is to be able to make it all come together and deliver creative solutions through good leadership and an eye for colors and form.

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