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We take care of your project from start to end. At DCID we are specialized in Turnkey Interior Design projects. Togheter, we plan every detail of your home from the furniture items down to the smallest details. We always strive for the best holistic design for the wellbeing and comfort of the people that are going go spend time in the spaces we are designing.
If you are not in Spain at the moment, we arrange our meetings online. We handle all logistics and installations so that your home is ready for you upon your arrival.



We design your property to maximize the space and functionality, from the bedrooms to the kitchen as well as bathrooms, living rooms and other spaces.
We work with the best local constructors, and we handle all communication, coordination, and the execution of the project with the craftsmen’s so you can be involved as much or as little as you wish.
If you are abroad or are unable to visit your property, we will continuously update you on the progress of the work.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
Some people believe that they can look past the décor or empty rooms and see the potentials of a property, but the truth is that most can´t. Research shows that most people decide within minutes after entering a property if it is for them or not. Homestaging works because people buy on emotions.
No matter if you are a property developer or a private owner, we can help you create a property that attracts attention and is highly competitive on the market. With other words we help you ensuring your property reaches its full potential before selling.

Homestaging Funegirola
Garden design Marbella


We design exteriors and functional environment for gardens, terraces and pool areas that create wellbeing and harmony.
When you are building or renovating a property, we can help you with architectural inspiration and design of your exteriors. Togheter, we go through your needs and wishes and create the different rooms and functions of the garden, the placement of trees, hedges, support walls, plantings, corridors, patios, pools, lighting, and other needs.

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